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Don't modify the breakpoints list in-place

The breakpoints list is used internally by bdb, and adding "fake" set_trace
breakpoints to it leads to an inconsistent state inside of bdb where two lists
of breakpoints are not equal to one another, causing it to crash.  Since
set_trace "breakpoints" are not real breakpoints, there is no need for bdb to
know about them.
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asmeurer committed Jan 7, 2015
1 parent 7eebc04 commit b979fc5909c8d731eb907fc25f4e97904fb7cbbd
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@@ -505,7 +505,7 @@ def get_lines(self, debugger_ui):
if self.file_name == "<string>":
return [SourceLine(self, self.file_name)]
breakpoints = debugger_ui.debugger.get_file_breaks(self.file_name)
breakpoints = debugger_ui.debugger.get_file_breaks(self.file_name)[:]
breakpoints += [i for f, i in debugger_ui.debugger.set_traces if f
== self.file_name and debugger_ui.debugger.set_traces[f, i]]

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