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Fixed a writer the duplicate breakpoints when working with Django #39

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When we work with the Django runserver, then pressing the Continue or Next is a duplication breakpoints, my friends came up to 30,000 breakpoints, the application freezes and we do:
$ echo -n > ~/.config/pudb/saved-breakpoints

Now I have fixed this place, I hope it will help many!

@inducer inducer merged commit 63f1e63 into inducer:master



Not at all, you make a good product!

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3 pudb/
@@ -400,8 +400,9 @@ def save_breakpoints(bp_list):
from os.path import join
bp_histfile = join(get_save_config_path(), "saved-breakpoints")
histfile = open(bp_histfile, 'w')
+ bp_list = set([(bp.file, bp.line) for bp in bp_list])
for bp in bp_list:
- histfile.write("b %s:%d\n"%(bp.file, bp.line))
+ histfile.write("b %s:%d\n" % (bp[0], bp[1]))
# }}}
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