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" Vim highlighting for PyOpenCL
" -----------------------------
" (C) Andreas Kloeckner 2011, MIT license
" Uses parts of mako.vim by Armin Ronacher.
" Installation:
" Just drop this file into ~/.vim/syntax/pyopencl.vim
" Then do
" :set filetype=pyopencl
" and use
" """//CL// ...code..."""
" for OpenCL code included in your Python file.
" You may also include a line
" vim: filetype=pyopencl.python
" at the end of your file to set the file type automatically.
" Optional: Install opencl.vim from
runtime! syntax/python.vim
unlet b:current_syntax
syntax include @clCode syntax/opencl.vim
syntax include @clCode syntax/c.vim
unlet b:current_syntax
syn include @pythonTop syntax/python.vim
" {{{ mako
syn region clmakoLine start="^\s*%" skip="\\$" end="$"
syn region clmakoVariable start=#\${# end=#}# contains=@pythonTop
syn region clmakoBlock start=#<%!# end=#%># keepend contains=@pythonTop
syn match clmakoAttributeKey containedin=clmakoTag contained "[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*="
syn region clmakoAttributeValue containedin=clmakoTag contained start=/"/ skip=/\\"/ end=/"/
syn region clmakoAttributeValue containedin=clmakoTag contained start=/'/ skip=/\\'/ end=/'/
syn region clmakoTag start="</\?%\(def\|call\|page\|include\|namespace\|inherit\|self:[_[:alnum:]]\+\)\>" end="/\?>"
" The C highlighter's paren error detection screws up highlighting of
" Mako variables in C parens--turn it off.
syn clear cParen
syn clear cParenError
if !exists("c_no_bracket_error")
syn clear cBracket
syn cluster clmakoCode contains=clmakoLine,clmakoVariable,clmakoBlock,clmakoTag
hi link clmakoLine Preproc
hi link clmakoVariable Preproc
hi link clmakoBlock Preproc
hi link clmakoTag Define
hi link clmakoAttributeKey String
hi link clmakoAttributeValue String
" }}}
syn region pythonCLString
\ start=+[uU]\=\z('''\|"""\)//CL\(:[a-zA-Z_0-9]\+\)\?//+ end="\z1" keepend
\ contains=@clCode,@clmakoCode
syn region pythonCLRawString
\ start=+[uU]\=[rR]\z('''\|"""\)//CL\(:[a-zA-Z_0-9]\+\)\?//+ end="\z1" keepend
\ contains=@clCode,@clmakoCode
" Uncomment if you still want the code highlighted as a string.
" hi link pythonCLString String
" hi link pythonCLRawString String
syntax sync fromstart
let b:current_syntax = "pyopencl"
" vim: foldmethod=marker