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DESDEO is an open source framework for interactive multiobjective optimization methods. DESDEO contains implementations of some interactive methods and modules that can be utilized to implement further methods.

The mission of DESDEO is to increase awarenss of the benefits of interactive methods make interactive methods more easily available and applicable. Thanks to the open architecture, interactive methods are easier to be utilized and further developed. The framework consists of reusable components that can be utilized for implementing new methods or modifying the existing methods. The framework is released under a permissive open source license.

This repository contains the main DESDEO module aggregating together all of the modules in the DESDEO framework.

For an overlook and for information on how DESDEO is structured and how it can be used, we suggest reading our article about DESDEO published in IEEE Access DESDEO: The Modular and Open Source Framework for Interactive Multiobjective Optimization.

Research and website


The Multiobjective Optimization Group residing at the University of Jyväskylä is the main force behind the DESDEO framework. The research group develops theory, methodology and open-source computer implementations for solving real-world decision-making problems. Most of the research concentrates on multiobjective optimization (MO) in which multiple conflicting objectives are optimized simultaneously and a decision maker (DM) is supported in finding a preferred compromise.


To learn more about DESDEO and the Multiobjective Optimization Research group, visit the official homepage.



The packages belonging to the DESDEO framework require Python 3.7 or newer.

Using DESDEO as a software library

The DESDEO package can be found on PyPI, and can be installed by invoking pip:

pip install desdeo

For development (on *nix systems)

Requires poetry. See pyproject.toml for Python package requirements.

  1. git clone
  2. mkdir desdeo
  3. cd desdeo
  4. poetry init
  5. poetry install

NOTE: This repository does not contain any code implementing the different features in DESDEO. Instead, this repository contains the main documentation of the framework, and is used to build and define the DESDEO framework software package combining all of the Python subpackages in the framework.


The DESDEO framework's documentation can be found here


Contributions to the DESDEO framework and its different modules is warmly welcome! See the documentation's contributing for further details.


If you decide to use DESDEO is any of your works or research, we would appreciate you citing the appropiate paper published in IEEE Access (open access).

Legacy code

The old version of DESDEO, which is no longer maintained, can be found here alongside with its documentation. The support for this version of DESDEO ceased June 2020, and is no longer supported.