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Node-RED Flow for mobile-web-app

Updated to support browser INIT request which triggers onload/refresh/reconnect.

A Node-RED (NR) Flow that contains an example mobile web app served from NR. The mobile app is contained in a NR template and uses web sockets to commmunicate using the HTML/DOM ID of the UI widget and a value. To change the app copy node content to a good HTML editor. N.B. The app assumes your are using HTTPS so the web socket URI needs to chnaged to just ws if your using unsecure HTTP (line 20).

To access this UI http://ip add of Node-RED:1880/mobiui

Message exchange json {id: ,v: } Where id is the HTML/DOM id of the widget

<label for="tsw-1">flip switch 1</label>
<select  id="tsw-1"  data-role="flipswitch">
   <option value="0">Off</option>
   <option value="1">On</option>

Example to toggle flip switch 1 On from Node-RED send following to WebSocket output node

msg.payload = {id:"tsw-1", v: 1};

Process events and actions from mobile UI from WebSocket input node

var obj = JSON.parse(msg.payload);
delete msg.payload;
delete msg._session;

// toggle switch tsw-1	- output 1 
	msg.payload = {"id" :, "v": obj.v};	
	return msg;

HTML widget naming for updating from Node-RED 3 charaters folloed by hypen

flip-switch: 	tsw-nnn
slider: 	sld-nnn
value:		val-nnn


I've added a scheduler to the UI which the user can set 21 diffrent events each with a start time, end time and values. End times can be ignored to create one off events eg. one with just a start time.

To access this UI http://ip add of Node-RED:1880/mobiuiShed

Create from Node-RED root a folder called data
Copy schedule.json to data folder
Copy & paste mobi_scheduler_flow.json to a Node-RED workspace

If you already have the mobi-flow installed. Either delete the flow completely or merge the new flow to ensure there is only 1 Web socket in & out node. If old ones are left the app won't work!

When a user commits changes from the browser they are saved in schedule.json. The schedule is reset at just after midnight on a day transition. Events that span two days are Not reset then, but when the end event is triggered.

If an scheduled event has triggered and it's time is edited for a later period in the day it will Not run until the next day. However this will probably change to allow re-triggering of events.

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