Compiler papers

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  • Efficiently Computing Static Single Assignment Form and the Control Dependence Graph, by R. Cytron
  • Practical Improvements to the Construction and Destruction of Static Single Assignment Form, by Preston Briggs
  • Register Allocation and Spilling via Graph Coloring, by Gregory Chaitin
  • Linear Scan Register Allocation, by Massimilian Poletto
  • Tilting at windmills with Coq: formal verification of a compilation algorithm for parallel moves, by Xavier Leroy
  • Global Value Numbers and Redundant Computations, by Barry K. Rosen
  • Linear Scan Register Allocation for the Java HotSpot™ Client Compiler, by Dr. Christian Wimmer
  • A fast algorithm for finding dominators in a flowgraph, by T Lengauer, RE Tarjan
  • Global Code Motion. Global Value Numbering, by Cliff Click
  • Interprocedural Pointer Alias Analysis, by Michael Hind, Michael Burke, Paul Carini, and Jong-Deok Choi
  • Automatic construction of sparse data flow evaluation graphs, by Jong-Deok Choi, R. Cytron, J. Ferrante
  • Effective Representation of Aliases and Indirect Memory Operations in SSA Form, by Fred Chow, Sun Chan, Shin-Ming Liu, Raymond Lo, Mark Streich


  • The Garbage Collection Handbook, by Richard Jones, Antony Hosking, Eliot Moss
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