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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of couchapp released under the Apache 2 license.
# See the NOTICE for more information.
from setuptools import setup, Extension
except ImportError:
from distutils.core import Extension
from distutils.core import Extension
from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib
from distutils.cmd import Command
from import build
from distutils.command.install_data import install_data
import os
import sys
from couchapp import __version__
if not hasattr(sys, 'version_info') or sys.version_info < (2, 5, 0, 'final'):
raise SystemExit("Couchapp requires Python 2.5 or later.")
executables = []
setup_requires = []
extra = {}
def get_data_files():
data_files = []
["LICENSE", "", "NOTICE", "",
return data_files
def ordinarypath(p):
return p and p[0] != '.' and p[-1] != '~'
def get_packages_data():
packagedata = {'couchapp': []}
for root in ('templates',):
for curdir, dirs, files in os.walk(os.path.join("couchapp", root)):
print curdir
curdir = curdir.split(os.sep, 1)[1]
dirs[:] = filter(ordinarypath, dirs)
for f in filter(ordinarypath, files):
f = os.path.join(curdir, f)
return packagedata
def all_packages():
return [
def get_scripts():
scripts = [os.path.join("resources", "scripts", "couchapp")]
if == "nt":
scripts.append(os.path.join("resources", "scripts",
return scripts
if == "nt" or sys.platform == "win32":
# py2exe needs to be installed to work
import py2exe
# Help py2exe to find
import modulefinder
import win32com
for p in win32com.__path__[1:]: # Take the path to win32comext
modulefinder.AddPackagePath("win32com", p)
pn = ""
m = sys.modules[pn]
for p in m.__path__[1:]:
modulefinder.AddPackagePath(pn, p)
except ImportError:
raise SystemExit('You need pywin32 installed ' +
# If run without args, build executables, in quiet mode.
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
extra['console'] = [{
'script': os.path.join("resources", "scripts", "couchapp"),
'copyright':'Copyright (C) 2008-2011 Benoît Chesneau and others',
'product_version': __version__
except ImportError:
raise SystemExit('You need py2exe installed to run Couchapp.')
class install_package_data(install_data):
def finalize_options(self):
('install_lib', 'install_dir'))
# ssl build
def find_file(filename, std_dirs, paths):
"""Searches for the directory where a given file is located,
and returns a possibly-empty list of additional directories, or None
if the file couldn't be found at all.
'filename' is the name of a file, such as readline.h or libcrypto.a.
'std_dirs' is the list of standard system directories; if the
file is found in one of them, no additional directives are needed.
'paths' is a list of additional locations to check; if the file is
found in one of them, the resulting list will contain the directory.
# Check the standard locations
for dir in std_dirs:
f = os.path.join(dir, filename)
print 'looking for', f
if os.path.exists(f): return []
# Check the additional directories
for dir in paths:
f = os.path.join(dir, filename)
print 'looking for', f
if os.path.exists(f):
return [dir]
# Not found anywhere
return None
def find_library_file(compiler, libname, std_dirs, paths):
result = compiler.find_library_file(std_dirs + paths, libname)
if result is None:
return None
# Check whether the found file is in one of the standard directories
dirname = os.path.dirname(result)
for p in std_dirs:
# Ensure path doesn't end with path separator
p = p.rstrip(os.sep)
if p == dirname:
return [ ]
# Otherwise, it must have been in one of the additional directories,
# so we have to figure out which one.
for p in paths:
# Ensure path doesn't end with path separator
p = p.rstrip(os.sep)
if p == dirname:
return [p]
assert False, "Internal error: Path not found in std_dirs or paths"
def find_ssl():
# Detect SSL support for the socket module (via _ssl)
from distutils.ccompiler import new_compiler
compiler = new_compiler()
inc_dirs = compiler.include_dirs + ['/usr/include']
search_for_ssl_incs_in = [
ssl_incs = find_file('openssl/ssl.h', inc_dirs,
if ssl_incs is not None:
krb5_h = find_file('krb5.h', inc_dirs,
if krb5_h:
ssl_incs += krb5_h
ssl_libs = find_library_file(compiler, 'ssl',
] )
if (ssl_incs is not None and ssl_libs is not None):
return ssl_incs, ssl_libs, ['ssl', 'crypto']
raise Exception("No SSL support found")
socket_inc = "./couchapp/ssl/2.5.1"
link_args = []
if sys.platform == 'win32':
# Assume the openssl libraries from GnuWin32 are installed in the
# following location:
gnuwin32_dir = os.environ.get("GNUWIN32_DIR", r"C:\Utils\GnuWin32")
# Set this to 1 for a dynamic build (depends on openssl DLLs)
# Dynamic build is about 26k, static is 670k
dynamic = int(os.environ.get("SSL_DYNAMIC", 0))
ssl_incs = [os.environ.get("C_INCLUDE_DIR") or os.path.join(gnuwin32_dir, "include")]
ssl_libs = [os.environ.get("C_LIB_DIR") or os.path.join(gnuwin32_dir, "lib")]
libs = ['ssl', 'crypto', 'wsock32']
if not dynamic:
libs = libs + ['gdi32', 'gw32c', 'ole32', 'uuid']
link_args = ['-static']
ssl_incs, ssl_libs, libs = find_ssl()
if sys.version_info < (2, 6, 0):
extra['ext_modules']=[Extension('couchapp.ssl._ssl2', ['couchapp/ssl/_ssl2.c'],
include_dirs = ssl_incs + [socket_inc],
library_dirs = ssl_libs,
libraries = libs,
extra_link_args = link_args)]
cmdclass = {'install_data': install_package_data }
name = 'Couchapp',
version = __version__,
url = '',
license = 'Apache License 2',
author = 'Benoit Chesneau',
author_email = '',
description = 'Standalone CouchDB Application Development Made Simple.',
long_description = """CouchApp is a set of helpers and a jQuery plugin
that conspire to get you up and running on CouchDB quickly and
correctly. It brings clarity and order to the freedom of CouchDB's
document-based approach.""",
keywords = 'couchdb couchapp',
platforms = ['any'],
classifiers = [
'License :: OSI Approved :: Apache Software License',
'Intended Audience :: Developers',
'Intended Audience :: System Administrators',
'Development Status :: 4 - Beta',
'Programming Language :: Python',
'Operating System :: OS Independent',
'Topic :: Database',
'Topic :: Utilities',
packages = all_packages(),
package_data = get_packages_data(),
options = dict(py2exe={
'dll_excludes': [