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SPDY/3 #42

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Straight implementing the SPDY/3 specs.

Anyone likes to help collecting the minor / major changes in spdy/3 (considering spdy/2)?



K, here's a list, just fyi (SPDY/3->7)

  Addition of flow control

  Increased 16 bit length fields in SYN_STREAM and SYN_REPLY to 32

  Changed definition of compression for DATA frames

  Updated compression dictionary

  Fixed off-by-one on the compression dictionary for headers

  Increased priority field from 2bits to 3bits.

  Removed NOOP frame

  Split the request "url" into "scheme", "host", and "path"

  Added the requirement that POSTs contain content-length.

  Removed wasted 16bits of unused space from the end of the
  SYN_REPLY and HEADERS frames.

  Fixed bug: Priorities were described backward (0 was lowest
  instead of highest).

  Fixed bug: Name/Value header counts were duplicated in both the
  Name Value header block and also the containing frame.

@eee-c did a lot of work in this direction, you can follow his changes here: master...spdy-v3

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