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### Collection of algorithms and data structures in C++ and Java

#### Data structures
+ [x] Segment tree [**c++**](cpp/structures/segment_tree_interval_add_max.cpp) [**java**](java/structures/
+ [x] Segment tree [**c++**](cpp/structures/segment_tree.cpp) [**java**](java/structures/
+ [x] Segment tree for sum with lowerBound operation [**java**](java/structures/
+ [x] Segment tree without recursion [**java**](java/structures/
+ [x] Fenwick tree [**c++**](cpp/structures/fenwick_tree.cpp) [**java**](java/structures/
+ [x] Fenwick tree with extended operations [**java**](java/structures/
+ [x] Persistent tree [**java**](java/structures/

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