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Job Board Policy

The following are rough guidelines as to what is allowed or disallowed on the Indy Hackers Job Board.

  1. Posts should explicitly mention the hiring company. It should be in the title. We'll add it if it isn't.
  2. Posts should be for full-time employees making a salary.
  3. Posts should be for an Indiana position for Indiana workers. If you're a company from NYC looking for a 100% remote dev, we wish you the best of luck, and we hope you hire a Hoosier. However, there are boards more suited to your needs.
  4. Posts ideally would include a salary range. More on that below.

We encourage members of this community to post jobs that include salary ranges. We understand that it is not always possible, but it helps job seekers by

  • Cutting directly to the primary reason we look for new jobs in the first place
  • Saving research time looking at similar compensation packages on Glassdoor or LinkedIn, which may not always be accurate
  • Providing clear insight to fair and equitable pay across your organization

While we prefer postings with salary ranges, our role is to be inclusive and welcoming. To that effort, we also encourage job posters who may not have the power to post salary ranges to reach out to the community for tools and insights on how to advocate for public salary ranges in your organization.


Our Job Board Policy






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