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Maintenance release 0.6.4

  • Feature: Make GPU rendering selectable in BitWrk settings panel [#153]
  • Enhancement: Make tile complexity an advanced option [#155]
  • Bugfix: Blender: Selection caused error on render [#160]
  • Bugfix: CAFS: Workers kept using up all available space [#161]
  • Bugfix: CAFS: Memory leak when saving exact same file twice [#158]

Maintenance release 0.6.3

  • Support for Blender 2.79

Bugfix release 0.6.2

  • Local network rendering didn't work when worker was started in Blender [#142]
  • Sluggish Blender UI when the BitWrk settings panel was shown [#143]
  • Local workers permanently stopped receiving new tasks on some errors [#146]
  • Alert panes don't cover important parts of the UI anymore [#141]

Bugfix release 0.6.1

  • On Windows, the BitWrk client didn't start correctly when launched from Blender [#140]

BitWrk 0.6 "Mars"

This release concentrates on features requested by Blender3D users:

Easier setup | video

BitWrk client is now started by Blender add-on. Use of command-line no longer necessary.

Network rendering | video

Connect a bunch of computers in your network and profit from BitWrk's built-in support for local network rendering, without using the BitWrk service. If you want to, you can get additional power from BitWrk.

Local rendering | video

It is now very easy to start a local rendering slave from within the Blender add-on.

General ease of use

This release concentrates on making BitWrk easier to use, by hiding advanced options by default and by preventing some common errors.

Getting started

You need at least Blender 2.76 (Blender 2.79 is recommended).

Download the BitWrk binary release specific your OS and unpack it somewhere.

Download render_bitwrk-0.6.3.zip and install it as a Blender add-on (see Blender Manual).

In the settings of the Blender add-on there is an option to select which BitWrk client you would like to start. Select the executable from the archive you downloaded (bitwrk-client.exe or just bitwrk-client). Click on "Start BitWrk client".

Rendering for free

To start a render, press F12 as usual. You will see that a number of colored tiles is shown in the render area. Before rendering can begin, you need to set the price you're willing to pay for a tile. You can do that in the BitWrk client's user interface. Click on "Open BitWrk Client User Interface". Click on "Publish". Set "BTC 0" as price. Set "Valid up to" to 100 trades. Click "Submit" and BitWrk will start dispatching tiles to the network, accelerating your rendering.

You can accelerate it further by starting a worker on your own computer.

More information

For more information please refer to BitWrk's home page at https://bitwrk.net/