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Service menu for KDE that lets you select, right-click and send files from Dolphin, Konqueror, Krusader and other applications that enable service menus.

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Simple Send as Attachment with Kmail

Service Menu that enables sending of multiple files from KDE file managers (Dolphin, Knoqueror, Krusader, etc...) with kmail. If you miss being able to quickly email files from your favorite KDE file manager, this service menu will solve the problem.

Installation Instructions

Move send-attach.desktop into your KDE services folder. This is usually located in ~/.kde/share/kde4/services.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed suggestions, translations and improvements.

More Info & Discussion

This project was originally hosted on KDE Apps and there are useful comments there.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Most contributions were via comments on the Simple Send as Attachement with Kmail page on KDE Apps.


Do what you want with this. No warranty that it works or even does anything.

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