Sublimate is an app/script that helps you to open files/folders quickly in Sublime Text 2.
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Sublimate is a Mac OSX application to open files/folders in Sublime Text 2 by selecting them in Path Finder.

Think of Sublimate as "Open in Sublime Text 2" command.

You can select a single folder or a single file, or multiple folders and/or multiple files. Sublimate handles them all by opening them in Sublime Text 2.


  • Download Sublimate or clone the repository to get the application.
  • Copy to a folder of you choice (e.g., /Applications)
  • Browse to the folder in Path Finder, and drag the Sublimate application to the Toolbar on top.
  • To open a folder/file in Sublime Text 2, select it in Path Finder and click the Sublimate button in the toolbar.