A TODO app written in Django for the IndyPy Web Framework Shootout 2013
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#Todo-Django A django web app for basic task lists that are segmented by user.

##Setup Instructions Todo-Django was developed on Ubuntu 12, but any Linux environment with python 2.6+ should work.

  • It is recommended you use a virtual environment
  • $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  • $ python manage.py syncdb
  • $ python manage.py runserver


  • Requires Login
    • Users must be created via Django Admin
  • Create Task
  • Delete Task
  • Tag Tasks
    • Also provides filtering by tag name
  • Search Tasks
    • search by date
    • search by title
    • search by tag name
  • Single UI for most important tasks
    • creation, search, and deleting of tasks is all AJAX

###Includes many features inherited from Django:

  • Robust Admin
  • Supports multiple databases
  • Robust templating engine

Third Party Code

IndyPy Web Framework Shootout

IndyPy is having a web framework shootout to compare several popular python based web frameworks. The goal is to see how the frameworks compare from a developer perspective.

ToDo app details

Create an app using the following specifications:

  • Login is required to be able to use the app
  • Add a todo list item
  • Todo list item consists of
    • Title
    • Tags
    • Due date
  • Edit a todo list item
  • Complete a todo list item (delete)
  • View list of todo items
  • Sort list of todo items based on date by default
  • Ability to sort list by title
  • View listing of todo items by tag

This will show off the following features: CRUD, MVC, authentication, authorization and data storage.


  • Bottle
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Pyramid

Any other frameworks want to represent?

Future Shootouts

In future installments, the apps could be given more features such as:

  • Batching
  • Configuration panel
  • Expose an API
  • iCal feed
  • Lists
  • Location / context
  • Notes
  • Priorities
  • Recurrence
  • Search
  • Sharing
  • Time estimation
  • Time zone handling