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IndyPy Python Web Shootout

IndyPy had a Python Web Shootout to compare several popular Python based web frameworks. The goal was to see how the frameworks compare from a developer perspective.

Videos from the event are now available on YouTube

More details about the event are on the Meetup site.

ToDo app details

Create an app using the following specifications:

  • Login is required to be able to use the app
  • Add a todo list item
  • Todo list item consists of
    • Title
    • Tags
    • Due date
  • Edit a todo list item
  • Complete a todo list item (delete)
  • View list of todo items
  • Sort list of todo items based on date by default
  • Ability to sort list by title
  • View listing of todo items by tag

This will show off the following features: CRUD, MVC, authentication, authorization and data storage.


Read the code
Watch the presentation
Read the code
Watch the presentation
Read the code
Watch the presentation
Read the code
Watch the presentation

Future Shootouts

In future installments, the apps could be given more features such as:

  • Batching
  • Configuration panel
  • Expose an API
  • iCal feed
  • Lists
  • Location / context
  • Notes
  • Priorities
  • Recurrence
  • Search
  • Sharing
  • Time estimation
  • Time zone handling