Teenbot IRC bot for the /r/teenagers subreddit channel, #rteenagers, on the Foonetic IRC network
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This is Teenbot, an IRC bot written for the IRC channel for /r/teenagers,
#rteenagers on foonetic.

User commands:

+karma <user>
    Checks the reddit karma of a giver reddit user.
    Checks the top posts on /r/teenagers.
    Gives instructions on submitting a SLAPASS to scaledbot.

Admin commands:

+join <channel>
    Joins the channel.
    Leaves the channel.
    Stops the bot.
    Restarts the bot.
+nick <nick>
    Changes nick to <nick>.
    Groups nick with NickServ.
+SLAPASS <user>
    Acts as if <user> typed +SLAPASS.
    Kicks user with a humorous kick reason.
    Kicks user with a humorous kick reason.