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Student, course and diploma handling for a small school
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Linus Gasser
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Allows for handling of day-to-day tasks in a small school, think cultural center that offers classes.


For the cultural center-part, the following functions are implemented:

  • Rights management (for students, secretary, director, admin, ...)
  • Creation of courses (using templates for different courses)
    • Sign up of students to courses
    • Entering grades of students
    • Creating diplomas
  • Accounting
    • Payments of students
    • Internet-usage
    • Other, simple 2-way accounting

There is also a network-part which has the following functions:

  • Sharing with samba (public, read and read-write access)
  • Internet-gateway using usb-modems or Ethernet-port
  • Access-control of students when installed as captive gateway
  • Controlling internet-credit, works for now only for Chad


It has been tested on ArchLinux running on different ARM-boxes (Dreamplug, Smileplug and Cubox-i). Most of the parts also run on Ubuntu.


The user-interface is using with a ruby-back-end called QooxView. Different libraries are used:

  • AfriCompta - simple accounting program for QooxView
  • HelperClasses - some modules to make life easier
  • HilinkModem - interface for the infamous hilinkmodems which lack USSD-support!
  • Network - captive interface and usb-modems definition
  • QooxView - RPC backend for QooxDoo, also implementing a simple ActiveRecord backend with CSV-files
  • SerialModem - interface for simple ttyUSB-modems


Unfortunately there is no gem-package available as yet. But a pacman-version exists that you can download under

If you're adventurous, you can try the following:

for s in AfriCompta Gestion HelperClasses HilinkModem Network QooxView SerialModem; do
  git clone$s
cd Gestion

Which 'should work' (tm).

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