A collection of password hashing routines in pure Rust
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A collection of password hashing and verification routines.

See the documentation for API reference.

Getting Started

Add the following to the [dependencies] section of your Cargo.toml:

pwhash = "0.3"

Also, import the crate in your crate root:

extern crate pwhash;


extern crate pwhash;

use pwhash::bcrypt;

// Hash a password with default parameters.
let h_new = bcrypt::hash("password").unwrap();

// Verify a password against an existing hash.
let h = "$2y$05$bvIG6Nmid91Mu9RcmmWZfO\
assert!(bcrypt::verify("password", h));


The following algorithms are currently implemented (in alphabetical order):

  • bcrypt

  • bsdi_crypt

  • md5_crypt

  • sha1_crypt

  • sha256_crypt

  • sha512_crypt

  • unix_crypt

Each algorithm resides in its eponymous module, and provides the following interface:

  • verify(): verify a password against a hash.

  • hash(): hash a password with default algorithm-spacific parameters.

  • hash_with(): hash a password with customized parameters.

There is also a convenience module unix which provides the functions unix::crypt, a crypt(3) work-alike, and unix::verify.