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-A Python project template
-[![Build Status](](
+A Celery Python worker
- automatic virtualenv management and requirements installation (type `make`)
+- automatic import of the tasks in the given namespace
+- creation of a Celery command (ie, `celery XXXX`) as well as a standalone
+ script (ie, `bin/XXXX`).
- separate development and production configurations. When you type `make`, we
will use the development build process (`buildout.devel.cfg`) and
- settings (`reqs.cfg` and `reqs.devel.cfg`), but a `make rpm` will use the
- build (`buildout.deploy.cfg`) and settings (just `reqs.cfg`) for
+ settings, but a `make rpm` will use the build (`buildout.deploy.cfg`) for
deployment on production machines.
- project cleanup (type `make distclean`)
- automatic Sphinx documentation (type `make docs` or `make docs-pdf` on the

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