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a general python project skeleton
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A Python project template

Build Status


  • automatic virtualenv management and requirements installation (type make)
  • separate development and production configurations. When you type make, we will use the development build process (buildout.devel.cfg), but a make rpm will use the build (buildout.deploy.cfg) for deployment on production machines.
  • project cleanup (type make distclean)
  • automatic Sphinx documentation (type make docs or make docs-pdf on the project root directory). It will discover any packages in the sources and add the corresponding files in the docs/api directory...
  • complete RPM packaging of the virtualenv, including the Python interpreter and all the installed libs (just type make rpm, and a nice rpm will appear the the top directory). This packaging method allows you to install any additional software in the virtualenv (ie, nginx) and it will be nicely packaged in the RPM...
  • optional redis build and installation (inside the virtualenv)
  • basic fabric file, based on a config file (fabfile.cfg), for doing things like deploying RPMs, starting/stopping services, cleaning up logs on the remote machines, etc.


  • search for all the occurrences of XXXX and replace them by your project name
  • search for all the XXXX* files and rename them accordingly
  • customize anything you want on the buildout* scripts
  • add your code in the sources directory


Can I change the Python version?

Set a different version on the Makefile with the SYS_PYTHON variable

How do you package things in the rpm?

The rpm is built by creating a virtualenv and installing all the eggs with the virtualenv's easy_install. Any other artifact created by a compatible recipe (ie, recipes that use the output attribute)

Can I put some other stuff in the rpm?

Yes, just set the right output attribute in your recipe.

How can I enable the redis build?

Add the redis-build and redis-config parts to the buildout.cfg/parts

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