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Neighborhood Map Project

The goal of this project is to develop a single-page application featuring a map of a neighborhood (In my case, Lisbon & Margem Sul)

What I'll see?

  • This project is built using Google Maps API, Google Street View Image API, Yelp API and knockoutJS framework. Features Include:
  • A full-screen map to page using the Google Maps API.
  • A Street View Image of the location
  • Map markers identifying a number of favorite locations in Lisbon & Margem Sul
  • Images of the locations, from Google Images
  • Reviews from Yelp
  • List view of the identified locations.

How to run?



  • Open
  • Click on the button at the right top corner to see the menu (search and list of localizations)
  • Click a list item to move to the corresponding map marker and view more info
  • Use the filter box to filter list items: write a name and press SEARCH.

Resubmission (2)

Note: After going to the Udacity Forum, StackOverflow and other web sources, I realized that I had many issues related with load & execution order. After arriving at a point almost with no return, I had to redo part of my project, for my sanity! So, I had to do big changes in a short time:

  • Due to(too) many problems, app.js was redone
  • All the locations are in the file local.min.js
  • I stop using Material Framework. Now I use only Bootstrap because I'm more comfortable with it.
  • Due to problems with the Flickr API now use the Yelp API, because I already knew how to implement it.
  • Better mobile optimization
  • To call an external font-family, now I use a script, at the bottom of index.php (website performance optimization)

index.html - Sugestions

(1) Added theme-color <meta name="theme-color" content="#0066FF">

(2) Added favicon <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon"> <link rel="icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">

(3) App is usable on small screen devices. Now you can see a menu button at the corner (only at mobile view). Update: New button,mobile menu and mobile search bar.

(4) More HTML semantic tags. Indentation.

(5) All scripts are now at the bottom of the HTML body for Page Speed Optimization

(7) Moved GoogleMaps API request from app.js to index.html.

index.html - Required

(6) async atribute removed.

app.js - redone!

  • single-quotes (') over double-quotes (")

  • added new locations.Locations are now at the file local.js

  • var style is now at the top of the file

  • initMap function is now inside of the ViewModel()

  • API Keys are now at the top of the file.

  • Now I've only one instance of the InfoWindow class, that is called when needed with infowindow.setContent)

  • Loop's helper variable is declared in the for's ( for (var i = 0; i < len; i++) )

app.js - Required

  • All locations show images from Google StreetView API
  • All locations show a Yelp review.
  • Filter Search now filters the markers too (when you press search)

UPDATE 09/11

app.js - Sugestions

l.4 added 'use strict'; tag in function definitions to enable the strict mode. This mode helps to write more "secure" codes by preventing things such as marking down a function with a bad syntax to execute or loading unused variables.

l.8contants are in capital letters like CONSTANT_VALUE.

l.132 removed brackets [] from ko.observableArray(). They are not required, because the respective content may not necessarily inherit or have observable attributes/properties.