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Advice is a Java library to support method advising.
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Advice Library

This is a annotation-based advice-like mechanism. It allows the programmers to annotate methods as being advised. Then, when such advised method is called, the associated advice is executed, instead of the method. It is up to the advice to decide whether to actually call the method. For this to work as intended the programmer needs to select the annotation to use as an advice and:

  1. run the to generate the AnnotationInstance class that represents the selected annotation instance. This class will be used internally.

  2. Define the which takes the selected annotation instance and should return the that will be called when an advised method is called.

  3. Run to post-process the compiled classes. This will search the presence of the advised annotation and replace the original method with another method that runs the advice. It also creates a callable to the original advised method that is given to the execution of the Advice (in the perform method).

For more information please see the project's web page

Advice is distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPLv3; see the COPYING and COPYING.LESSER files for more details.

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