SafeCloud vulnerability-tolerant channels. The SafeCloud project developed security solutions intended to be secure even against powerful, motivated and well-funded adversaries.
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vtTLS - vulnerability-tolerant Transport Layer Security.

vtTLS stands for vulnerability-tolerant Transport Layer Security.

vtTLS Library - Modified OpenSSL

An implementation of the OpenSSL protocol with redundant channels to mask vulnerabilities.

Source code

vtTLS Tool - MultiTLS

MultiTLS adds two layers of encryption so that the communication is secure even if a vulnerability is found in one of the layers. It does so using a tunneling approach that allows using multiple layers of encryption without modifying existing applications.

Source code


  • André Joaquim - Development of the vtTLS library - GitHub
  • Ricardo Moura - Development of MultiTLS - the vtTLS tool - GitHub


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details