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Recent changes in the INET Framework
-INET-1.99.5 (June 22, 2012)
+INET-2.0.0 (Aug 3, 2012)
+This is the latest stable version of the INET framework. This version
+is now recommended for your further INET based development. It requires
+OMNeT++ 4.2 (version 4.2.2 is suggested) or later. If you are upgrading
+from an earlier INET version (i.e. INET 20111118), expect to have to
+revise your existing omnetpp.ini files and possibly NED/C++ files as well.
+Changes since 1.99.5:
+The DHCP protocol received several fixes. It is now possible to use DHCP
+with both wired and wireless interfaces.
+MANET routing protocols updated from INETMANET-2.0 @ 9a3dc7a
+OLSR protocol received several patches allowing it to work with multiple
+radios. It can work now on both wired and wireless interfaces.
+ - bugfix: The latest version of INET (1.99.5) contained a bug where
+ speed values for 11MBps and 12MBps were swapped.
+ - A new "bitrate" parameter was added to the Ieee80211Nic module.
+ The Radio and MAC module uses this bitrate to set thir own bitrate
+ value. This can avoid potential configuration inconsitencies.
+ UPDATE all your INI files according to this.
+The Ethernet module now throws an error message if two ethernet ports are
+connected using an IdealChannel. Previously it just silently ignored the
+connection that was definitely against the "least surprise" principle.
+A new "Delayer" module has been added and DropsGenerator and DuplicatesGenerator
+has been renamed to OrdinalBasedDropper and OrdinalBasedDuplicator respectively.
+These modules implement the IHook module interface and can be installed inside
+hosts to induce different packet errors. IHook modules can be inserted
+between the network and link layer protocols.
+The Ext-interface, TraCI, Mobility and Ping modules received some minor fixes.
+See ChangeLogs in individual source folders for more information.
+INET-1.99.5 (June 22, 2012)
This is the final testing version of the 1.99.x series leading to the 2.0
release. Requires OMNeT++ 4.2 (version 4.2.2 suggested).

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