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manetrouting/dymo: bugfix: updateRouteLifetimes() had wrong parameter…

… type (uint), when it was called with Uint128, strange implicit conversion occurred

The compiler used wrong conversion operator when converting Uint128
to unsigned int:
  Uint128 --> bool --> unsigned int
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1 parent efaab01 commit de0a5377f8748f8e518fec1cdf92fda10284eaf7 @ZoltanBojthe ZoltanBojthe committed Oct 30, 2012
@@ -969,9 +969,9 @@ simtime_t DYMO::computeBackoff(simtime_t backoff_var)
return backoff_var * 2;
-void DYMO::updateRouteLifetimes(unsigned int targetAddr)
+void DYMO::updateRouteLifetimes(const Uint128& targetAddr)
- DYMO_RoutingEntry* entry = dymo_routingTable->getForAddress(IPv4Address(targetAddr));
+ DYMO_RoutingEntry* entry = dymo_routingTable->getForAddress(IPv4Address(targetAddr.toUint()));
if (!entry) return;
// TODO: not specified in draft, but seems to make sense
@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ class DYMO : public ManetRoutingBase
simtime_t computeBackoff(simtime_t);
/** @brief updates the lifetime (validTimeout) of a route */
- void updateRouteLifetimes(unsigned int destAddr);
+ void updateRouteLifetimes(const Uint128& destAddr);
/** @brief generates and sends down a new rreq for given destination address */
void sendRREQ(unsigned int destAddr, int msgHdrHopLimit, unsigned int targetSeqNum, unsigned int targetHopCnt);
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
/examples/manetrouting/fg80211/ini/, -f Mob_DSR_omnetpp.ini -c General -r 0, 100s, 3b7c-74b8
/examples/manetrouting/fg80211/, -f omnetpp.ini -c General -r 0, 100s, 6f7f-7a99
/examples/manetrouting/fg80211/, -f omnetpp.ini -c DYMOUM -r 0, 100s, 2347-7ab8
-/examples/manetrouting/fg80211/, -f omnetpp.ini -c DYMO -r 0, 100s, ca91-fd14
+/examples/manetrouting/fg80211/, -f omnetpp.ini -c DYMO -r 0, 100s, 386a-d0d3
/examples/manetrouting/fg80211/, -f omnetpp.ini -c DSRUU -r 0, 100s, ad28-1605
/examples/manetrouting/fg80211/, -f omnetpp.ini -c OLSR -r 0, 20s, 0d0f-9c30
/examples/manetrouting/fg80211/, -f omnetpp.ini -c DSDV_2 -r 0, 10s, 3b54-f14c
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
/examples/manetrouting/grid_aodv/, -f omnetpp.ini -c Batman -r 0, 10s, 0568-9675
/examples/manetrouting/net80211_aodv/, -f omnetpp.ini -c General -r 0, 40s, 1743-53be
/examples/manetrouting/net80211_aodv/, -f omnetpp.ini -c DYMOUM -r 0, 100s, 1bc1-43a7
-/examples/manetrouting/net80211_aodv/, -f omnetpp.ini -c DYMO -r 0, 100s, 0bf1-1fab
+/examples/manetrouting/net80211_aodv/, -f omnetpp.ini -c DYMO -r 0, 100s, 8fb7-d199
/examples/manetrouting/net80211_aodv/, -f omnetpp.ini -c AODVUU -r 0, 100s, ce18-0b5c
/examples/manetrouting/net80211_aodv/, -f omnetpp.ini -c DSRUU -r 0, 100s, ce18-0b5c
/examples/manetrouting/net80211_aodv/, -f omnetpp.ini -c OLSR -r 0, 5s, 2dcd-58d4

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