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INET Framework for OMNEST/OMNeT++

The INET framework is an open-source communication networks simulation
package, written for the OMNEST/OMNeT++ simulation system. The INET framework
contains models for several Internet protocols: beyond TCP and IP there is UDP,
Ethernet, PPP and MPLS with LDP and RSVP-TE signalling. See the CREDITS file
for the names of people who have contributed to the INET Framework.

Example simulations are grouped into the following subdirectories:

   ethernet/             example Ethernet networks
   inet/                 TCP/IP-based example networks
   ipv6/                 IPv6-based example networks
   sctp/                 SCTP examples
   rtp/                  RTP examples (not yet integrated)
   emulation/            example networks using external interface to connect with real networks
   adhoc/                mobile and ad-hoc networks (incomplete)
   wireless/             IEEE 802.11 examples
   mpls/                 example networks for MPLS/LDP/RSVP-TE
   ospfv2/               OSPF examples

The package's main README file contains links to additional info to help you
get started with the framework.
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