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netaddr Test Status Go Reference


Please see and the standard library's net/netip.


This is a package containing a new IP address type for Go.

See its docs:


This package is mature, optimized, and used heavily in production at Tailscale. However, API stability is not yet guaranteed.

netaddr is intended to be a core, low-level package. We take code review, testing, dependencies, and performance seriously, similar to Go's standard library or the repos.


See for a long blog post about why we made a new IP address package.

Other links:

  • golang/go#18804 ("net: reconsider representation of IP")
  • golang/go#18757 ("net: ParseIP should return an error, like other Parse functions")
  • golang/go#37921 ("net: Unable to reliably distinguish IPv4-mapped-IPv6 addresses from regular IPv4 addresses")
  • merges net.IPAddr and net.IP (which the Go net package is a little torn between for legacy reasons)


In addition to regular Go tests, netaddr uses fuzzing. The corpus is stored separately, in a submodule, to minimize the impact on everyone else.

To use:

$ git submodule update --init
$ go get -u
$ go-fuzz-build && go-fuzz