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IXP Manager Install Scripts

This directory contains officially supported install scripts for IXP Manager. The file names will denote the target platform on the IXP Manager branch.

These install scripts are opinionated! They are intended to run exactly as specified and only on the operating system they are targeted at.

IXP Manager v4 on Ubuntu LTS 16.04

The recommended platform for the v4 branch of IXP Manager is Ubuntu LTS 16.04.

To install on this platform, please proceed as follows:

  1. Prepare a physical / virtual machine with (minimum) 8GB of disk space and 2GB of RAM. We recommend LVM so so partitions can be grown on the fly.
  2. Attach / insert the latest Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit PC (AMD64) server install image and boot.
  3. At the initial menu where you choose Install Ubuntu Server, first:
    • Press F4
    • If installing on a physical server, select Install a minimum system
    • If installing on a virtual server, select Install a minimal virtual machine
  4. Now select Install Ubuntu Server and step through the various options and configure as you like until:
  5. When you reach the Software selection screen, select only OpenSSH Server and then complete the installation and reboot.
  6. When your new server has rebooted, log in and:
# change to root user
sudo su -
# download the installation script
# and execute it:
bash ./


The install script can be tested using Vagrant. Assuming you have Vagrant installed and have cloned the IXP Manager GitHub repository to $IXPMDIR:

cd $IXPMDIR/tools/installers
cp Vagrantfile.ubuntu-lts-1604-ixp-manager-v4 Vagrantfile
vagrant up

Vagrant should run --no-interaction as part of its bootstrapping and you should be able to access the resultant IXP Manager install at: http://localhost:8080/ (after ~10 mins).

However, for an as yet unknown reason, the bootstrapping fails. Instead, you can log in with vagrant ssh and kick off the installer using:

sudo /tmp/vagrant-shell --no-interaction

Getting Help

If you need assistance with this, please post the contents of /tmp/ixp-manager-install.log to an online pastebin and then send an email to the IXP Manager mailing list.