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DEPRECATED IN IXP MANAGER V4: This is because we no longer support plaintext password storage. In time, with demand, we may create a TACACS+ export template again using a Bcrypt hash prefix supported by UNIX crypt.

RADIUS AAA is used by some IXPs to manage access to, for example, smart PDUs for co-located member equipment.

IXP Manager can configure your RADIUS user list for you via the TACACS mechanism.

Let's assume myskin is your skinned folder, then proceed as follows:

mkdir -p ./_skins/router-cli/tacacs/radius
cp ./router-cli/tacacs/tacplus/* ./_skins/router-cli/tacacs/radius

Then edit these files for a working RADIUS users configuration and generate the configuration by using the target parameter:

APPLICATION_PATH/bin/ixptool.php -a router-cli.gen-radius-conf -p target=radius

Note that gen-radius-conf is just an alias for gen-tacacs-conf but it helps avoid confusion!

See the TACACS documentation for full details.

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