IXP Manager network device provisioning templates
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IXP Manager Provisioning Templates

This is what INEX uses internally for device provisioning.


These templates come without support and anyone even thinking about using this right now should seriously rethink because they depend on non-finalised, unreleased, and unsupported API endpoints in IXP Manager and GUI support which is currently not available.

You are welcome to have a look at what's here and contribute feedback via the issues page or the ixpmanager mailing list. Having said that, provisioning is complicated and very specific to individual IXPs. Even if your IXP is running with the same two network operating systems that are in this repo, INEX doesn't have the resources to be able to make this work for you. We'll be polite about it, but please try to understand that this is complicated stuff and this is early release stage code.


These templates provide configuration support for Arista EOS and Cumulus Linux 3.4+ devices using SaltStack.

The Arista EOS implementation uses NAPALM and can be easily modified for any other operating system which supports either NAPALM or netmiko.

The Cumulus Linux template implementation uses native SaltStack support, and treats the Cumulus Linux switch like any other Linux device. For an IXP, you need CL >= 3.4.2.

At the bare minimum, in order to make these work, you will need to be completely fluent with NAPALM and advanced use of SaltStack, including how to configure and maintain salt proxies. If you have multiple IXP configurations (e.g. live / test environments), you will also need to be fluent with the idea of multiple salt environments.

A good starting point would be Mircea Ulinic's guides for integrating SaltStack and NAPALM:


For a bigger-picture overview about how these templates hang together, we've done some presentations, e.g. Apricot 2018:



Note that there is no information in these presentations about the nitty gritty of getting all this stuff to work. The Apricot 2018 presentation involves lots of cheery handwaving and high level overview stuff, but very little detail other than some sample command-lines that we use.


Probably the templates will work without too many modifications with Ansible, but we don't use Ansible at INEX so have zero clue about that.

There are some limitations with the current provisioning templates which we'll fix in time, e.g. lack of support for quarantine vlans, bgp traffic engineering and BGP session teardown using ebtables / ACLs.

The API handles and most of the code has been written in IXP Manager, but there are going to be significant code changes before IXP Manager 5 is released, hence the warnings about total lack of support for this repository.