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jslogo - Logo in JavaScript

This is hosted at for playing with live.

Language Reference - this attempts to implement a subset of UCBLogo defined in in Brian Harvey's Computer Science Logo Style

Logo Examples

to star repeat 5 [ fd 100 rt 144 ] end
to square :length repeat 4 [ fd :length rt 90 ] end
repeat 36 [ square 50 rt 10 ]
to randomcolor setcolor pick [ red orange yellow green blue violet ] end
repeat 36 [ randomcolor square random 200 rt 10 ]
window pu repeat 72 [ setlabelheight repcount fd repcount * 2.5 label "Logo bk repcount * 2.5 rt 10 ]

Logo Links

To Do

  • Document deviations from UCB Logo standard
  • Make these examples all work: Logo 15-word challenge
  • Tail-call optimization
  • Make execution async so you can watch the turtle move
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