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ECMAScript 2015 Polyfill

script - unit tests

This assumes ES5, so use es5.js for older browsers (IE9-).

ECMAScript 2015 Standard

Fundamental Objects

  • Object: assign(), is(), setPrototypeOf()
  • Symbol: Symbol(description), Symbol.for(), Symbol.keyFor(), Symbol.iterator, Symbol.toStringTag
    • No security, just creates an object with a unique string representation. typeof Symbol() will incorrectly report "object" but Symbol() instanceof Symbol will return true
  • Not supported: Function.prototype.toMethod()

Numbers and Dates

  • Number: EPILON, isFinite(), isInteger(), isNaN(), isSafeInteger(), MAX_SAFE_INTEGER, MIN_SAFE_INTEGER, parseFloat(), parseInt()
  • Math: acosh(), asinh(), atanh(), cbrt(), clz32(), cosh(), expm1(), fround, hypot(), imul(), log1p(), log10(), log2(), sign(), sinh(), tanh(), trunc()

Text Processing

  • See also: uate - ES5 "Tagged Template Strings"
  • String: fromCodePoint(), raw
  • String prototype: codePointAt(), endsWith(), includes(), repeat(), startsWith(), [@@iterator]()
  • RegExp prototype: @@match(), @@replace(), @@search(), @@split(), flags
  • String.prototype match(), replace(), search(), and split() dispatch through RegExp symbol methods

Indexed Collections

  • Array: from(), of()
  • Array prototype: copyWithin(), entries(), fill(), find(), findIndex(), keys(), values(), [@@iterator]()
  • TypedArray - for browsers without native support (IE9-) include typedarray.js
  • %TypedArray% prototype: from(), of()
  • %TypedArray% prototype: copyWithin(), entries(), every(), fill(), filter(), find(), findIndex(), forEach(), indexOf(), join(), keys(), lastIndexOf(), map(), reduce(), reduceRight(), reverse(), slice(), some(), sort(), values(), [@@iterator]()

Keyed Collections

  • Map: clear(), delete(), entries(), forEach(), get(), keys(), has(), set(), size, values(), [@@iterator]()
  • Set: add(), clear(), delete(), entries(), forEach(), has(), size, values(), [@@iterator]()
  • WeakMap: clear(), delete(), get(), has(), set()
  • WeakSet: add(), clear(), delete(), has()
    • WeakMap and WeakSet are intrusive and modify the valueOf property of keys

Asynchronous Programming

  • Promise: p = new Promise(), Promise.resolve(), Promise.reject(), Promise.cast(), Promise.race(), Promise.all(), p.then(), p.catch()

See also: uate - ES5 "tagged template strings"

Typed Arrays

script - unit tests - spec

Originally specified separately, Typed Arrays are now included in ES2015.

  • ArrayBuffer
  • Uint8Array, Int8Array, Uint16Array, Int16Array, Uint32Array, Int32Array, Float32Array, Float64Array
  • DataView

Creating index getter/setters (i.e. array[0], array[1], etc) is slow and consumes significant memory. Arrays larger than 100k entries will be too slow to initialize in most cases so an upper limit is placed on the size of arrays and exception is thrown on construction.