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Speed Release (0.9.0@alpha, 2017-11-12)

User Interface / Web Technologies

  • Migrating from Cubescript UI to HTML5/CSS/JS
    • First draft of a HUD using HTML5, JS and websockets
  • Created a new framework for running multiple interfaces at the same time
    • The interfaces are provided by Inexor Flex
    • Fetching interfaces from remote GIT
    • Rendering multiple user interfaces in Inexor Core via CEF
  • Improvements for chromium embedded framework (CEF)
    • new command /new_ui 1 to test the new interfaces
      • /showhudlayer 1
      • /showapplayer 1
      • /showconsolelayer 1
    • Use CEF in multi-process mode making it much more performant
    • First draft of routing inputs (mouse, keypress) to the target user interface
    • Fixed various bugs
  • Added an user interface for Inexor Flex for managing profiles, instances, media repositories, releases and logging

Media Repositories

  • Introduced a framework for the management of multiple media repositories from several sources
  • Fetching and updating media repositories from remote GIT

Flexibilization ( / Engine Refactoring)

  • Introduction of Inexor Flex as scripting and management enviroment for a single or even multiple instances of Inexor Core

  • Added a RESTful API for full access to Inexor Flex and therefore to the instances tree(s)

    • This enables you to script your server using external programs
    • Added the Inexor Tree Client library in order to ease the usage of the Inexor Flex RESTfull API
  • Introduced a Command Line API for Inexor Flex node inexor.js <cmd> with extensive help

  • Introduced the Inexor Shell which uses the command line API

  • InexorGlueGen: Rewritten RPC interface between Inexor Core and Inexor Flex

    • C++ Nodejs bindings API
    • Complete rewrite of the reflection tool
    • Move from libclang to doxygen parsing
    • Expose all CubeScript Vars to the InexorTree
    • Made the Inexor Tree available via websockets as well
  • Using standard paths for better cross platform compatibility

    • defines storage location of configurations and data
    • also first preparation for macOS support
  • Using TOML as general configuaration file format

    • human readable
    • machine processable
    • comments possible

InexorFlex manages InexorCore

InexorFlex is the Node.js part. InexorCore is what one would have called Inexor/Sauerbraten before (the C++ part).

  • Instances Framework

    • Moving configuration Loading from Inexor Core to Inexor Flex side needed startup changes
      • First start Inexor Flex, then Inexor Core.
    • Manage and run multiple instances of Inexor Core
      • Configure instances using configuration files
      • Start instances of Inexor Core automatically
  • Profiles

    • Like Mozilla Firefox profiles
      • different settings for different profiles
    • Predefined configuration setups
      • client, server, serverfarm and development environments
    • Multiple InexorFlex on the same machine
  • Removed all git submodules

    • Replaced with InexorFlex auto update functionality


  • Using a dependency management system for C++
    • Moved all C++ dependencies to
    • Wrote packages for all dependencies which weren't supported by
    • Linux portability including the support of static linking for most dependencies (except SDL (using gcc) and CEF)
  • Added support for more compiler / IDE enviroments:
    • gcc 7.x
    • Visual Studio 2017
  • Added Continous Deployment (CD) machinery
    • Every commit (branch or pull request) is build by Travis (Linux) and AppVeyor (Windows)
    • Ensure commit message quality using gitcop
    • Ensure code quality using eslint
    • Check for security issues using nsp
    • Every pushed commit to master is a new release (rolling release)

Release Mangement

  • Distribution
    • Added Windows installer
    • Added Snap package (Linux)
    • Made Inexor Flex installable via npm install @inexorgame/inexor-flex
  • Inexor Core, Inexor Flex, media repositories and user interfaces are coupled loosely and released separately
  • Rolling Release
    • New alpha releases get created automatically on each push to the master branch of Inexor Core
    • Releases get build in the CI & uploaded to GitHub
  • InexorFlex downloads releases
    • received from Inexors-GitHub or any other provider
      • support for REST and filesystem providers
      • releases.toml specifies providers
      • instances.toml specifies used release
    • or build locally
  • Changed Versioning to add a channel
    • version@channel
    • i.e. channel alpha or channel latestcef
  • Unified names of the executables of Inexor Core #430

C++ Refactoring

  • Consequent usage of the new logging framework in Inexor Core
  • Reformatted log messages in Inexor Core
  • Logging Framework for Inexor Flex
    • Integration of Inexor Core logging
  • Pragma once instead of include guards #489

Steroids Alpha Edition (0.8.0-alpha, 2016-06-21)

Code internals, refactoring & bug fixes

  • Windows: Update to Node.js v6.2.1 + npm v3.9.3 (#301)
    • this fixes the path too long problem (#297)
  • Windows: Enforce usage of our shipped versions of Node.js, npm and git (no system installed versions) (#301)
  • new RPC; syncing Node.js tree (#311)

Sultiame Alpha Edition (0.7.0-alpha, 2016-04-25)


  • added support for persistent teams (toggleable)
  • added personal messages via the command pm <cn> <text>
  • added followfov setting: allows you to automatically adapt to the fov of the player you are spectating
  • added possibility to set a tag (for e.g. a clan): if the whole team shares the same tag, the tag will be shown instead of the default team name


  • extended scoreboard: show flags (/showflags 1), frags (/showfrags 1) and accuracy (/showaccuracy 1)

Code internals, refactoring & bug fixes

  • many improvements concering textures and CMake
  • added new logging library

Doxylamine Alpha Edition (0.6.0-alpha, 2016-03-06)


  • ambient occlusion shadows are now antialiased
  • ambient occlusion is now opt-in for new maps
  • further minor ambient occlusions improvements and fixes


  • readded the old master server with small adjustments as a temporary solution
  • added command mapmode <map> <mode> (standalone servers only)
  • added command line option -x to use another config file as server-init.cfg
  • spectate players with modified map (you can disable this with spectatemodifiedmap 0)

Node.js / CEF

  • Node.js is getting started automatically with Inexor now
  • started to add a new implementation of a web server + UI

Code internals, refactoring & bug fixes

  • fixed a crash when a vslot has an invalid texture definition

Tilidine Alpha Edition (0.5.0-alpha, 2016-01-04)

Content management

  • auto detection of multiple data repositories
  • directory restructuring


  • fixed bot inserting via menu, always display bot menu

Code internals, refactoring & bug fixes

  • added support for GCC 5.3
  • changed the source code directory structure
  • added guidelines
  • the subsystem implementation is now memory safe
  • reintroduced a stackwalker for release binaries
  • merged all Sauerbraten improvements till SVN r5238
  • fixed: pressing the button to open the chat console also prints the key in the chat console
  • fixed: double console input while running CEF

Pyrimethamine Alpha Edition (0.4.0-alpha, 2015-11-01)

Content management

  • various license and readme updates and clarifications
  • improve chainsaw sounds further
  • data-additional changes:
    • added map Haze


  • console autocomplete SHIFT-TAB to cycle backwards
  • added prefab UI for easy pasting + autocomplete for prefabs
  • sounds: don't interrupt song on map change, return again to intro song on disconnect, don't output that a song is getting played when it's muted

Code internals, refactoring & bug fixes

  • replace Sauerbratens's own RNG with the C++11 libs
  • linux: Work around libudev naming issues
  • fixed: screenshotdir gets ignored if you don't specify screenshot name
  • updating our Travis CI environment from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 14.04 as well as speeding up the whole process
  • adding support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, dropping support for 2013 (only affects prebuilt dependencies)


0.4.1 - 2015-11-19
  • improved: don't try to load missing map models on each frame
  • fixed: crash on explosions
  • fixed: crash when starting subsystems in startup scripts
  • fixed: /getmap tries to load non-existing local map
  • fixed: /resetgl tries to load non-existing files
  • fixed: loading CEF resources + installing the CEF locales

Aquarust Alpha Edition (0.3.0-alpha, 2015-09-06)

Content management

  • added debris and gibs mdls (fixes FPS drop on explosions)
  • fixed sound errors
  • fixed IronSnout's rifle hudgun
  • fixed F3 edit binding
  • added intro/menu song
  • added 5 new crosshairs
  • added 2 hardcoded test servers
  • added new chainsaw sounds
  • maps: new map Legacy, updated Cartel and Pandora
  • introduction of additional data: this data provides more content for our testers and will be removed when we adding an ingame content downloader
  • data-additional changes:
    • maps: added Laucin, Inexor, Star and Averas


  • enable the HUD again
  • fixed waypoint loading
  • new default screenshot filename, including the full date
  • display which music is getting played

Node.js / CEF

  • added (temporary) startscript for Windows
  • provide an own window manager
  • restructuring of large portions of the node code

Code internals & refactoring

  • minor improvements in the loading of sounds and textures
  • multiplayer undo and vslots changes
  • removed everything but the shader rendering pipeline.
  • align the Sauerbraten base to tesseract
  • tests are running now on Appveyor (Windows) and on Travis (Linux)
  • added framework for throwing events when a variable is changed
  • changed default game ports: the new server port is 31415, the new master port 31416

Ritalin Edition (0.2.0-alpha, 2015-07-12)

Content management

  • Added more open source textures and sounds
  • Improvements on existing maps


  • Allow zoomfov up to 150
  • Spectators can fly around in intermission


  • Integration of CEF (not yet enabled via default)
  • CEF UI Framework
  • Basic working framework that will be used to render HTML5 UIs with node.js and CEF
    • Dependency management with node modules, requires and angular
    • Node modules are available in the browser with a Browserify/RequireJS bridge (so we do not have to dump external libraries into our repo)
    • Uses express.js in the server
    • Uses jQuery
    • Uses lodash
    • Uses Bootstrap
    • Uses Angular.js
    • Supports CoffeeScript
    • Supports Jade
    • Supports Stylus
    • Create angular directives as CoffeeScript classes, with automatically loaded CSS (Stylus) and HTML (Jade) files
    • Window management

Code internals & refactoring

  • Fully modular and dependency based build system
  • Progressing modularization of the source code (defined concept of subsystems which can be turned on and off again)
  • Rename src/ to inexor/ to avoid collisions with system libraries, also namespaces and includes fit better together
  • Use AppVeyor for continuous testing on Windows
  • Fixed a use-after-free in the exception management code (InexorException)
  • Fixed a rare memory leak in the RPC code
  • Fixed a frequent memory leak in MessageConnect

Caffeine Edition (0.1.0-alpha, 2015-05-01)

  • Choosed the name of the game

Licensing and content management

  • Choose legitimate licenses to use for content ("License Policy")
  • Provide some freely licensed basic textures and maps


  • Renamed /kill to /suicide
  • Console improvements
  • Warnings won't spam the console anymore
  • Lines are fading out, instead of simple disappear
  • Timestamps
  • History, reuse commands easily from your last game session


  • Implemented ambient occlusion during the calclight process (zero cost ingame, calculated during calclight)

Develoment environment

  • GitHub source code, issues, wiki
  • Travis build server
  • Nightly builds for testing
  • kanboard
  • Separate repositories for code and content

More flexible build system

  • CMake setup (unified cross platform build environment)
  • New file structure for generated binaries
  • Separated external libraries from our source (including ENet)

Refactoring and code cleanup

  • Remove static file paths
  • Remove rpggame
  • Remove Cube 1 map loader
  • Cleaner data/media structure

Integration of 3rd party libraries

  • SDL2 (including better fullscreen support under Linux)
  • Muparser (math expression library)
  • JSON Import API (not completed yet)
  • JSON references to other JSON files

Unit tests

  • Integrated unit test framework: Google Test

API documentation

  • Defined a standardized way of documenting packages and their content
  • Documentation guidelines
  • Integrated Doxygen

Inter Process Communication

  • Communication with the Inexor process
  • External NodeJS integration