@Croydon Croydon released this Sep 7, 2015 · 911 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


Code internals & Refactoring

  • minor improvements in the loading of sounds and textures
  • multiplayer undo and vslots
  • removed everything but the shader rendering pipeline
  • align the Sauerbraten base to Tesseract
  • tests are running now on Appveyor (Windows) and on Travis (Linux)
  • added framework for throwing events when a variable is changed
  • changed default game ports: the new server port is 31415, the new master port 31416

Node.js / CEF

  • added (temporary) startscript for Windows
  • provide an own window manager
  • restructuring of large portions of the node code

Content management

  • added debris and gibs mdls (fixes FPS drop on explosions)
  • fixed sound errors
  • fixed IronSnout's rifle hudgun
  • fixed F3 edit binding
  • added intro/menu song
  • added 5 new crosshairs
  • added 2 hardcoded test servers
  • added new chainsaw sounds
  • maps: new map Legacy, updated Cartel and Pandora
  • introduction of additional data: this data provides more content for our testers and will be removed when we adding an ingame content downloader
  • data-additional changes:
    • maps: added Louncin, Inexor, Star and Averas


  • enable the HUD again
  • fixed waypoint loading
  • new default screenshot filename, including the full date
  • display which music is getting played