@aschaeffer aschaeffer released this May 2, 2015 · 1203 commits to master since this release

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Inexor - Caffeine (v0.1-alpha, 2015-05-01)

  • Choosed the name of the game

Develoment environment

  • GitHub source code, issues, wiki
  • Travis build server
    • Nightly builds for testing
  • Waffle.io kanboard
  • Separate repositories for code and content

More flexible build system

  • CMake setup (unified cross platform build environment)
  • New file structure for generated binaries
  • Separated external libraries from our source (including enet)

Refactoring and code cleanup

  • Remove static file paths
  • Remove rpggame
  • Remove cube 1 map loader
  • Cleaner data/media structure

Integration of 3rd party libraries

  • SDL2 (including better fullscreen support under Linux)
  • Muparser (math expression library)
  • JSON Import API (not completed yet)
  • JSON references to other JSON files

Unit tests

  • Integrated unit test framework: Google Test

API documentation

  • Defined a standardized way of documenting packages and their content
  • Documentation guidelines
  • Integrated Doxygen

Licensing and content management

  • Choose legitimate licenses to use for content ("License Policy")
  • Provide some freely licensed basic textures and maps


  • Renamed /kill to /suicide
  • Console improvements
    • Warnings won't spam the console anymore
    • Lines are fading out, instead of simple disappear
    • Timestamps
    • History, reuse commands easily from your last game session

Inter process communication

  • Communication with the Inexor process
  • External NodeJS integration


  • Implemented ambient occlusion during the calclight process (zero cost ingame, calculated during calclight)