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How to contribute

Follow these simple steps

  • Submit a PR with the changes you would like to see
  • If you submit content make sure it matches our content policy

Previewing your submission

Your submission should be automatically deployed by netlify and you should have a link in the PR. You can use that link to preview your changes. Check out this excellent markdown guide to get started with Markdown.

Content policy


Please stick to our contribution guidelines:

  • All text postings must be licensed under CC BY 4.0
  • Additional content like images may have any license allowed by our license policy.
  • Use Standard English and appropriate language for your posts
    • be professional
    • no superlatives
    • most of the time there is no "I" in team
  • If you are uncertain consider to use the issue tracker to obtain feedback

Other notes

Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the blog.

Please stick to project-related subjects such as developer reports, community events (...). If you'd like to do any official announcement clarify your concern by submitting an issue tagged with #statement.