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0.1.0-alpha-3 (RAII refactoring snapshot)

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@IAmNotHanni IAmNotHanni released this 17 May 20:46

Snapshot from RAII refactoring


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This is our third tech demo of our new C++17 game engine which is based on Vulkan API. We are currently refactoring our engine so it makes extensive use of RAII. This means there is nothing new to see here compared with 0.1.0-alpha-2, but a lot has changed under the hood which is of interest for game engine programmers.

It is very important to keep testing when doing a refactoring. This way, we make sure everything that worked before refactoring is still working after it :).

Vulkan is a new low-level application programming interface (API) for fast graphics programming and computation. Click here if want to know more details about Vulkan API.

v0 1-alpha 2


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Overview for v0.1-alpha.3


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Does my graphics card even support Vulkan?

Update your graphics card before testing :)

  • Keep your graphics drivers up to date! They contain bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • You can check if you graphics card supports Vulkan API on this site:


Hold down left mouse button and move the mouse to rotate the octree.