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Infinity Family
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Infinity Family

Infinity Family is a group of individuals and organizations, that collectively work on the Infinity Project - an initiative to enable humanity collectively and systematically define and pursue goals. Our bet is that by integrating meta-vocabulary (such as wefindx) and a meta-language, and creating a blockchain-based work results and time recording system, we could enable humanity to systematically define conditions to optimize for, and make know-how accessible.

The structure of the organization of Infinity Family is designed to reflect our multi-faceted world, and is designed to allow every jurisdiction to independently run its software on servers within that jurisdiction, meanwhile, allowing for ease of automatic data integration of data for collective decisions.

We rely on the core infrastructure of the Internet, namely, domain names. Each user is identified by their username in their organization by the e-mail address, and sign membership agreements with one more more of the backbone organizations.

If a specific organization or individual registers membership with more than one backbone organization, then all the data, including user registration, is synchronized across the servers run by these backbone organizations.


For example, if we have a company Hello World, Inc. in the U.S., which has domain,, and it signs membership agreement with WeFindX Foundation CLG (a backbone organization in Ireland, E.U.), by paying a yearly membership fee, then all users, whose e-mail address ends with domains (, get the right to log-in to the servers run by WeFindX Foundation CLG. On the other hand, if Hello World, Inc. decides to, on behalf of at least one of the same domain names (e.g.,, to sign up for a membership agreement with Global Mind Share, Inc. , which is an backbone organization in the U.S. that runs servers in the U.S., then all the content that is created by the users with e-mail addresses ending with are synchronized among the servers of these backbone organizations.


member individual: an invidual that has a an account on any of the servers of Infinity Family.

member organization: an organization, that is part of the Infinity Family of organizations and individuals.

backbone organization: a member organization in a jurisdiction, that operates Infinity servers in a specific jurisdiction. The backbone organization would usually be a non-profit, that takes membership fees from the members of Infinity Family within that jurisdiction.

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