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How to contribute

Contributions are always welcome. Here are a few guidelines to be aware of:

  • Include unit or e2e tests for new behaviours introduced by PRs.
  • Fixed bugs MUST be covered by test(s) to avoid regression.
  • If you are on Unix-like system, run ./ to set up pre-push git hook.
  • All code must follow the PSR-2 coding standard. Please see PSR-2 for more details. To make this as easy as possible, we use PHPCSFixer running two simple make commands: make cs-check and make cs-fix.
  • Before implementing a new big feature, consider creating a new Issue on Github. It will save your time when the core team is not going to accept it or has good recommendations about how to proceed.


The following commands can be ran to test on your local environment

  • ./tests/e2e_tests for end to end tests
  • bin/infection to run infection on itself.
  • make analyze to run PHPCSFixer and PHPStan.

We also provide a way to run these commands in different environments, e.g. different php versions and debuggers.

  • make test will run all types of tests, on all environments.
  • make test-unit will run all unit tests on different environments
  • make test-infection-phpdbg will run infection with phpdbg against different php versions
  • make test-e2e-phpdbg will run e2e tests with phpdbg against different php versions
  • make test-infection-xdebug will run infection with xdebug against different php versions
  • make test-e2e-xdebug will run e2e tests with xdebug against different php versions
  • For all test commands, except make test you can add -70, -71, or -72 to run it agains php 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2 So to run infection wtih phpdbg on php 7.1 you would run make test-infection-phpdbg-71

To use these command you need to have Docker installed.