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Automatically exported from The goal of the Infectious Disease Ontology Consortium is to develop a suite of ontology modules that jointly cover the infectious disease domain. The IDO ontologies are developed as disease-specific ontologies (e.g. Malaria, Influenza) extended from a common core ontology of terms generally relevant to the infectious disease domain (e.g. pathogen, infectious agent). This repository is for Core-IDO. More information about Core-IDO, the IDO Consortium, and the IDO extensions can be found here:

Simple, natural language definitions are available for all Core-IDO terms. We are in the process of writing formal, logical definitions.

The current version of the ontology can be accessed via svn through the "Source" link above and via download through the "Downloads" link above. Previous versions can be downloaded from the "Downloads" link above or from dated purl links listed on the main IDO Download page:

Request terms or comment on current definitions through the "Issue Tracking" link.

Participate in email discussions by joining the IDO Google Group here: