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Intelligent Infrastructure Research Laboratory

Rethinking our built environment to improve its operational efficiency, as well as increase its resilience, adaptiveness and autonomy.

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  1. Gnu-RL Public

    Forked from bingqingchen/Gnu-RL

    A precocial reinforcement learning solution for HVAC control

    Jupyter Notebook 31 14

  2. COHORT Public

    COHORT: Coordination of Heterogeneous Thermostatically Controlled Loads for Demand Flexibility

    Jupyter Notebook 7 1

  3. varbolt Public

    Recurrent Bernoulli VAE for Learning in FHMMs

    Jupyter Notebook 3 5

  4. PROF Public

    Forked from bingqingchen/PROF

    Python 3 2

  5. Jupyter Notebook 2

  6. Arduino-based Open-source AC Waveform meter in a shield form factor for the Raspberry Pi 3. This low-cost AC power meter is designed to continuously measure voltage and current waveforms at up to 1…

    C++ 2 2



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