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Various scripts and quirks for Samsung TabPro S tablets
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brightness Add oledbrightness script Sep 11, 2016

Samsung TabPro S Linux compatibility tweaks

This is a collection of scripts, quirks and patches to improve the use of a Samsung TabPro S under Linux distros.

A couple of items require some attention for this device

  • The NIC is an ath10k QCA6174. The firmware support for this device is rather messy and the wrong set of files will break it. Place the contents of the ath10k/QCA6174/hw3.0 dir in /lib/firmware and be sure to delete anything else in there. This firmware works very well (30MByte/s on 5ghz without issue) on 4.7.x.
  • Brightness changes do not work with intel_backlight, probably because the display is OLED. The way to adjust brightness is by means of xrandr --brightness; a script is included that uses inotify to monitor changes to intel_backlight so that all existing brightness management tools can function correctly. It should be started with your display manager or in your user session.
  • TODO: Audio does not work yet. This is an ongoing investigation, but it appears that the ALC298 codec is getting misconfigured because headphone works at double speed/pitch, but speakers produce no sound whatsoever under 4.7/4.8/4.9 kernels. Bugzilla report is
  • TODO: There is an SMO8A80 accelerometer which is visible through i2s; it should be leveraged to enable auto rotation
  • TODO: When disconnecting and reconnecting the dock, the touchpad on the dock stops working. Cause as of yet unknown, but likely an X or synaptics issue.
  • TODO: Buttons not tested yet, may or may not work.
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