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Hyperscript syntax for Inferno termplates.


var h = require('inferno-hyperscript');

module.exports = function ExampleComponent(props) {
  return h('.example', [
    h('a.example-link', {
      href: '#'
    }, [


h(componentOrTag, properties, children)

Returns an Inferno VNode from a Hyperscript representation.

  • componentOrTag (Object|String) can be an Inferno component OR tag string with optional css class names and ids in the format If a tag string, the tag name is parsed out, and the id and className propertires of the properties argument will be modified.
  • properties (Object) (optional) An object containing the properties you'd like to set on the element.
  • children (Array|String) (optional) An array of h() children or strings, This will create childen or text nodes respectively.