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Inferno VNode Flags is a small utility library for Inferno.

Usage of inferno-vnode-flags should be limited to assigning VNodeFlags when using Inferno.createVNode.


npm install --save inferno-vnode-flags


  • VNodeFlags.Text
  • VNodeFlags.HtmlElement
  • VNodeFlags.ComponentClass
  • VNodeFlags.ComponentFunction
  • VNodeFlags.ComponentUnknown
  • VNodeFlags.HasKeyedChildren
  • VNodeFlags.HasNonKeyedChildren
  • VNodeFlags.SvgElement
  • VNodeFlags.MediaElement
  • VNodeFlags.InputElement
  • VNodeFlags.TextareaElement
  • VNodeFlags.SelectElement
  • VNodeFlags.Void

You can easily combine multiple flags, by using bitwise operators. A common use case is an element that has keyed children:

const flag = VNodeFlags.HtmlElement | VNodeFlags.HasKeyedChildren;

Example Usage

import Inferno from 'inferno';
import VNodeFlags from 'inferno-vnode-flags';

const vNode = Inferno.createVNode(VNodeFlags.Element, 'div', { className: 'example' }, 'Hello world!');

Inferno.render(vNode, container);