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1 parent 73ee70b commit b9927ad7db043f0bb2c43fd4f3bdf37cdcfdf417 Davis W. Frank committed Aug 11, 2012
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@@ -5,6 +5,10 @@
namespace :build do
+ task :copy_sample_todo_txt do
+ system "cp todo.txt build/dev" unless File.exist? "build/dev/todo.txt"
+ end
task :del_assets_yml do
del_file 'assets.yml'
@@ -26,7 +30,7 @@
desc "build HTML for development"
- task :dev => [:dev_assets, :dev_css] do
+ task :dev => [:dev_assets, :dev_css, :copy_sample_todo_txt] do
dev_html = "#{root}/build/dev/bulldog.html"
del_file dev_html
@@ -0,0 +1,51 @@
+(N) Read C. Tullner's estate info planning documents @read +EstatePlanning
+(B) Add a page on the Jasmine wiki telling people about the Tracker project & membership @pc +Jasmine
+(Z) schedule lunch with Palmer Truelson re: Jasmine & Titanium @pc
+(N) Process Github issues for Jasmine @pc +Jasmine
+Process pull requests for Jasmine @pc +Jasmine
+Break down stories for getting Jasmine CI working again @pc +Jasmine
+(A) Find an owner for our official Jasmine jQuery 'setup' stuff @work +Jasmine
+Settle the tag line contest @email +Jasmine
+Review pull requests for t-shirt list @work +Jasmine
+update firmware on router via @pc
+Talk to C about using ONE LastPass account on all machines @home
+break down tasks for cleaning & fixing main bathroom toilet: tank clean, redo hose, new bolts @pc +HomeRepair
+Get 2003 box out of garage and start shredding @home +NewYearDocs
+Put 2009 files into a filing box and re-label @home +NewYearDocs
+Compress audio CDs into minimal sleeves - but only one band per sleeve @home +CDDrawerCompression
+(A) Process remaining jewel cases into sleeves @home +CDDrawerCompression
+(N) Determine how many more sleeves to buy @home +CDDrawerCompression
+Write up the Big Pencil story for the blog @pc +BigPencil
+schedule HTML5 beer with Judy @email
+read home 2010 inspection @read +HomeRepair
+Write up how-to for integration tests for Enyo @pivotal +Palm
+Write up definition of Deadline Chicken for Urban Dictionary @pc
+Mail off request for new social security card @home +SSCard
+Finish filling out social security card replacement form @pc +SSCard
+Put Pivot Twitter list on Dossier #pivotal @pc +Pivot_Twitter_List
+Ask Jasmine list why anyone feels the need to use Sinon @email +Jasmine
+Setup Time Machine for Redwood @pc
+Setup Time Machine for Nails @pc
+Make Chewie hard-wired to the network @pc
+email grill blower re: installation below a Master Touch ash can ring @pc +Grill
+buy grill blower @pc +Grill
+buy Weber parts: Master touch top - red?, handle, grates for both grills +Grill deluxe covers for both grills
+buy foil tape +Grill
+Remove video card from Kreed @home +Kreed
+Change video card to motherboard on Kreed @home +Kreed
+Boot and Nuke Kreed in garage to use old monitor @home +Kreed
+Pull latest changes from Sean's fork of Jasmine +JasmineHtmlReporter @pc
+Copy SCSS files from Sean's fork to main/master @pc +JasmineHtmlReporter
+Update build task to generate css file @pc +JasmineHtmlReporter
+Remove deprecation & move to HtmlReporter in master @pc +JasmineHtmlReporter
+Squash/rebase all of HtmlReporter into one commit @pc +JasmineHtmlReporter
+Redo deprecation & switch of reporters so it's the last commit @pc +JasmineHtmlReporter
+Change version back to 1.1 @pc +JasmineHtmlReporter
+Push fixed-up branch back to master @pc +JasmineHtmlReporter
+Start 'open' loops for other reports (Justin, Sonja, Chris, Andrew, Kurtis) @work
+Call BART Parking re: card problems @call +BARTParking
+Make a github repo for Nails workstation recipies @pc +MacRedo
+Setup TimeMaching for Nalis at home @pc +MacRedo

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