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Infi Space Invaders game
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Space invaders

To get everything up and running you need to:

  1. Start up the computer in the arcade machine
  2. From that computer, run the server, the frontend and the input program (see instructions below)
  3. From the secondary computer (connected to 2 screens) visit the dashboard and game pages

Running the server

cd server
npm ci
npm run start

The snapshot of the current server state is stored in a json file inside server/.node-persist. You can edit the server's state by editing the snapshot before starting the server. This is useful for instance if you want to have an enormous waiting list of people without having to enter their names manually.

Running the frontend

cd frontend
npm ci
npm run start -- --host

Visit localhost:4200/dashboard to see the dashboard and localhost:4200/game to see the game.

Running the input program

Note: the input program is not in this repository, but can be found here

cargo run --release

Notice the --release flag, which is absolutely necessary if you expect the application to perform properly. Without it, the background soundtrack will not work properly.

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