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Parasite v0.2

@infidel- infidel- released this
· 370 commits to master since this release
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This release brings big improvements to the midgame section. Investigating the events timeline has been thoroughly tested and a lot of stuff fixed and tweaked to make it more playable. Changes and additions include:

  • Extended information mode. Enabling the "extendedMode" parameter in the fresh new parasite.cfg configuration file will allow players to see a lot of internal information - detailed formulas, skill rolls with all bonuses described, etc.
  • Evolution process can now be paused from the evolution window.
  • Dropping inventory objects has been implemented.
  • All objects in habitats are now persistent.
  • All locations and persons now have properly generated names.
  • Host can now push past other AI (opposing strength check).
  • All exceptions are now logged to "exceptions.txt" file and by default sent to the web (you can disable this behavior in the configuration file).
  • Learning event clues have been refactored to always give clues and minimize the risk of an investigation dead end.
  • You can now use SPACE key to hide HUD.