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Parasite v0.3

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@infidel- infidel- released this 24 Jan 20:02
· 454 commits to master since this release

This release marks the migration to the HTML5 platform for the main development and releases. Binaries will be provided if needed but generally I won't bother with them.

You can play the normal release here and debug release here.

Apart from lots of small fixes, changes and additions include:

  • Different, more readable font
  • Ability to restart the game after it finishes
  • Camouflage layer improvement is moved to a different path and is now received on first visit to high-density area
  • AI traits framework with drug addict trait that opens up dopamine control improvement
  • Cops sometimes carry stunners now (reduce host control + stun)
  • Habitat construction
  • Biomineral habitat construction - provides habitat energy and other benefits
  • Assimilation cavity construction - gives parasite the ability to assimilate hosts (removes passive energy spend and allows restoring energy from biomineral)
  • Secret console option to change base font size (probably only works in debug version)
  • When moving on top of the objects, will describe what is on the ground
  • VIM-style text window navigation (j/k - up/down, J/K - page up/page down, g/G - top/bottom)