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@infidel- infidel- released this 04 May 16:03
· 321 commits to master since this release

This release marks the separation between the paid version (available here) and free version available on my website. The main difference between the versions is that the paid one has commercial art and the free one uses ASCII and self-drawn art. The Linux binary is currently not available, I will need some time to figure out how to do that with the new engine.

So the main changes are as follows. I've migrated from using Haxepunk engine to engine, which is much faster and simpler to use. The area generator for the city streets now properly paints streets and alleys and gives it a much more believable look. There are a lot of quality of life changes, including showing current player goals on the HUD, changing some of keyboard commands to avoid problems, map tiles can now be scaled through the config file or config console command. A lot more tutorial messages now hint about the non-obvious ingame mechanics.