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Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Mikael Kindborg
Licence: MIT

DroidScript - JavaScript for Android! :-)

The project is very unfinished and experimental!

DroidScript (formerly called RhinoDroid) is a JavaScript programming tool for Android.
It is a tool for building full Android applications.

It is based on the Mozilla Rhino JavaScript implementation (which is why it was first 
called RhinoDroid).

The DroidScript application allows both editing and running programs on a device, 
and will add remote coding using a web application. The application contains a tiny 
web server that accepts HTTP PUT-requests with JavaScript code as its body.
But this is not yet complete.

How To

On startup, the app reads a JavaScript file: 

If not present, this file, and the demo script Toast.js, are downloaded 
from GitHub when the app starts.

Steps if using the emulator:
1) Create an SD card image with: mksdcard 512M sdcard.iso
2) Launch emulator with script: ./

Copy DroidScript.js to device with script: ./
(This is only needed if you wish to modify the app.)

Import project into Eclipse, compile and run on emulator or device.
If you don't want to compile, DroidScript.apk is on GitHub in bin folder.
Install on device with: adb install -r DroidScript.apk

Again, everything is very experimental and unfinished at this stage.

Have fun!

Micke (^_^)